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You can' t catch different type of errors in javascript ( since it is not a strong typed language), but you could determine the type of Error. One should avoid throw errors as the way to pass error conditions around in applications. The throw statement should only be used " For this should never happen, crash and burn. Do not recover elegantly in any way". catch ブロックには、 throw 文で指定される値を保持しておく識別子( 上記の構文 における catchID ) を指定します。 スローされた例外についての情報を得るのに、 この 識別子を使います。 JavaScript は catch ブロックに入るときにこの識別子を. Define divider as a syncrhonous function var divideSync = function( x, y) { / / if error condition? if ( y = = = 0 ) { / / " throw" the. TL; DR: When an unknown error occurs ( a developer error, see best practice number # 3) - there is uncertainty about the. この記事では、 JavaScriptのエラーに関する知識やベストプラクティスについて 記述しています。 文字列を直接throwしない. throw ステートメントを使用してエラーを 発生させる際、 次のように文字列を直接 throw するべきではありません. Camilo Reyes explains the best practices for proper error handling in JavaScript, including how to deal with. scripts/ uglyHandler. js function uglyHandler( fn) { try { return fn( ) ; } catch ( e) { throw new Error( ' a new error' ) ; } }. An immensely interesting set of slides on Enterprise JavaScript Error Handling can be found at devhands.

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    com/ / 10/ javascript- error- handling- and- general- best- practices/. In short it summarizes: Assume your. Also use avoid using throw ' My message', use throw new Error( ' My message' ), you can even have custom errors, read this article. Always add some context to the. Advantages of exceptions: If an error is a rare occurrence ( not expected in normal operation), then it may be easier and faster for the calling code to catch exceptions in one higher- level place rather than test return values after. Learn the categories of errors in JavaScript and how to handle each of them including async patterns with promises. Best Practices for Handling Errors. The throw statement is used to generate user- defined situations where it is not entirely clear what kind of input a function accepts, it is often a good idea to explicitly state the kind of arguments that are. A lot of errors in programs cause the JavaScript environment to raise an exception.