How to solve runtime error in android studio

The error was Could not find runtime. lifecycle: runtime: 1. To solve could not find runtime aar, I just simply arranged the google( ) on top in lect the android tab at the bottom. On the top right corner of that window, there is a tiny icon that shows an android behind a gear. That button is " restore android logcat". That shows the trace. Android studio is a w when you know what is the exception and where it happens, you should be able to solve it! In LogCat you will find among all those run time errors there is a tag " Caused by" under text attribute. you will click the next line. You assign the value to UserText before a MainActivity is fully initialized and ready to look up views. private TextView userText ; / / declare here ( this is your UserText) protected void onCreate( Bundle. Please post your MainActivity file as well. But looking at the error what I can assume is this. You are instantiating some view.

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    Runtime error android

    Let' s say a TextView. And this is ur code. public class MainActivity extends Activity { TextView. I' m an Android beginner and I' building a test app to know what I can do and what I can' t, and I' m trying to solve this Runtime error and don' t know what to do. Can anyone help me please? I post my code and the error. setText( currentQ. getQUESTION( ) ) ;. where is your get Question class? it seems to me in there you are calling getDatabase method ( perhaps through your dbHelper) recursively. as it clearly says on Log: Caused by:. I have following runtime- error in my Android Studio on my hp Omen ( 16gb RAM, Linux Ubuntu, I7- 6700HQ). I use Java 8 and Android Studio.

    Could somebody help. How could I solve this, I have no idea. Thank you for your. NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ' void android. FloatingActionButton. setOnClickListener( android. View$ OnClickListener) ' on a null object reference at android. This error is caused when Android Studio can' t generate your R. java file correctly, and it can often crop up. If you need to use variations of the same image, then use the same base image and customize it at runtime, rather than adding multiple versions of the same image to your project. If this is the case, then resolving these errors should solve the ActivityNotFoundException, too.