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use( ' / en', require( '. / en/ en' ) ) router. use( ' / fr', require( '. There shouldn' t be any dots in the route. Regarding your second question yes you can use an array: const routes = [ ' about1', ' first' ] ; / / array of. I place the logic which requires and initializes express- autoroute inside config/ routes. js and set the option routesDir:. error: Error autoloading routes. error= Cannot find module ' routes/ user. js', file= routes/ user. js error: Error:.

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    Find routes error

    You placed exports. mynewpage into mynewpage. js file, but not referencing it anywhere, and trying to use it from routes object. While you' ve called required for. / routes it will load only index. js, but not all files from that folder. js is supposed to be your own routes module, then it appears the error is probably coming from this line of code and it' s telling you that it can' t find the routes. js module file: routes = require( ' routes' ). And, this would root module' s route configuration, use loadChildren with a relative path to the lazy loaded angular module. The string is delimited with a # where the right side of split is the lazy loaded module' s class name. / models/ todo, the period indicates that node will look in the same folder that api. js is in, which would look for \ Todo List\ routes\ models\ todo.

    This does not start from the root of the application. To require this, you' ll need to. After running ' npm install' from the Ogar- client directory, and trying to run ' node app. js: 340 throw err; ^ Error: Cannot find module '. / routes/ users' at Function. _ resolveFilename ( module. js: 338: 15) at Function. You' re understanding is correct. When you require a file like so routes = require( '. then nodejs is going to look for a routes. js file in your root path of your site. Since you haven' t created that file yet, it' s going to bomb as. You are using default export, you need to import it as default ( without curly braces ) : import routes from '. On the other hand you can use named export and import it by name: / / index. js export const routes =.

    Getting this error even though router. js is present and included as instructed: throw err; ^ Error: Cannot find module '. resolveFilename ( module. js: 336: 15) at Function.