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Select Windows and then Fix boot of Windows to restore your Widows MBR( no Ubuntu access with this potion) or GNU/ Linux followed by the Fix Boot. This simple tutorial shows you how to repair your Windows 7 boot loader ( MBR) from Ubuntu dual boot or Ubuntu Live. which is a suite of lightweight IBM PC MBR bootloaders for starting up computers with the Linux kernel. i think a recovery image would do the work, all you need is to download it and burn it on a CD and launch the system. The reason why does Ubuntu work is that Linux surpasses Windows in this way: it doesn' t bind to chipset model. There is no way to fix the windows 7 bootstrap from Ubuntu, you will need to do so with the windows 7 DVD but, which size is sda1, if it is + / - 100Mb, you should not have much troubles fixing it but, will need to reinstall grub to. How to fix the Ubuntu GRUB bootloader; How to fully fix the Windows bootloader using a Windows disk. XP; Windows Vista or 7 or 8. How to partially fix the Windows bootloader using an Ubuntu CD. Via the Boot- ually Windows 7 creates two partitions during setup: a partition with the boot manager and a partition to the operating. Boot from Ubuntu live USB then install boot- repair and repair grub u can see it in this how it is done. So, boot into the Boot Repair disk/ usb, and check " Restore MBR" ( instead of " Reinstall GRUB" ). If you deleted the Linux portion you can either use live Win7 USB or CD to recover the MBR problem via Windows recovery.

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    Linux windows repair

    I' ve stumbled upon a Windows 7 Recovery USB stick. The recovery disk might offer to repair stuff, but that didn' t work for me. Tell grub to boot from ( hd0, 2) or whatever the windows partition is, and it should work. Try booting a grub CD and typing chainloader ( hd0, < win7 partition> ) + 1 at the prompt and seeing if it boots. Boot Linux and make sure you' ve a working Internet connection and type the following on the terminal. You might not be ready to accept Linux as your desktop yet, but you can still use it to save your Windows. Tip: You can also put a copy of Windows 7 on a flash drive, which is very helpful for using System Restore to fix an unbootable PC. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use Linux to fix Windows is when you' re trying to recover a forgotten password— all you have to do is boot it up.