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All devices recognize. The command returns MCIERR_ NONAPPLICABLE_ FUNCTION as an error return if the device is not paused. If the MCI_ OPEN_ SHAREABLE flag is not specified when a device or file is initially opened, all subsequent. Result = = MCIERR_ INVALID_ DEVICE_ ID) return; else MciError( Result, " MCI_ CLOSE Error" ) ; / / display the error }. I also saw TMediaPlayer bug reports with MP3 files that embeded JPEG cover art too during my search. Open; except on E: Exception do MessageDlg( ' Can not be opened, ' + E. message, mtError, [ mbOK], 0) ; end;. Subsequent attempts to open the device or file fail unless you specify " sharable" in both the original and subsequent open commands. MCI returns an invalid device error if the device is already open and not sharable. The MCISEQ sequencer. Почему при использовании компонента TMediaPlayer, некоторые mp3 открываются а некоторые нет EMCIDeviceError с сообщением " No MCI device open". , Жду варианта решения проблем! Ale mam problem gdyż przy niektórych pytaniach wyskakuje mi blad ' Nie ma żadnego zainstalowanego sterownika w tym systemie', a następnie błąd ' No MCI device open'.

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    Nie mam pojęcia co jest powodem tych błędów. Delphi中TMediaPlayer播放音乐出现" no MCI device open" 的错误的解决方法. 最近 用DELPHI的TMediaPlayer写了一个音乐控制软件, 用到了TMediaPlayer控件, 播放 音乐时总是出现no MCI device open的错误。 查了半天资料终于. The MCI\ _ CLOSE command releases access to a device or file. Returns zero if successful or an error otherwise. Exiting an application without closing any MCI devices it has opened can leave the device inaccessible. The capture window expects a valid MCI video device to be installed in the system for capturing data this way. If the value of fMCIControl is FALSE, the video source is not treated as an MCI device and the contents this article. The following error values can be returned by either the mciSendCommand or mciSendString function:. MCIERR_ INVALID_ DEVICE_ NAME, The specified device is not open nor recognized by MCI.